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Purchasing 10 Ounce Gold Bars

10 ounce gold bars are some of the largest gold bullion products favored by typical investors who buy gold bullion online -- given the current gold spot prices, buying 10 oz gold bars represents a significant bullion purchase. 10 ounce gold bars are very common, having been produced for decades by some of the most trusted refiners in the world, including NTR, Johnson Matthey, PAMP, and the Perth Mint, just to name a few. Though many old examples still circulate in the bullion markets, CBMint will only purchase 10 ounce gold bars in new condition, from large and reputable mints. This fact ensures that all of our gold bars are 100% guaranteed to be authentic, and to contain exactly the specified amount of gold bullion. Eliminating the middlemen also allows CBMint to sell gold bullion to our customers more inexpensively.

Designs Used on 10 Ounce Gold Bars

10 ounce gold bars usually feature little adornment -- the mint name and logo, the weight, and the gold fineness usually suffice. This streamlining of the production process helps keep costs down and creates savings for investors who buy gold bullion bars online. Some gold bars, however, do feature ornate and beautiful designs. The superb products of PAMP are a good example -- PAMP Lady Fortuna gold bars and Rosa gold bars are renowned throughout the world for their beauty. Such designs can add a little value to each gold bar, but 10 ounce gold bars are usually outside of the scope of collectors -- instead, the bullion value of the gold is what drives investor interest in these bullion products.

Investing in Gold Bars

10 ounce gold bars are typically produced with a slightly higher fineness than smaller gold bars -- .9999 (four-nines gold), as opposed to .999. This increased fineness makes several examples of 10 ounce gold bar eligible for IRA gold investment in the United States. With high spot prices of gold, a 10 oz gold bar is a hefty bullion purchase, usually limited to serious investors who buy gold bullion bars online. A large benefit of buying 10 oz gold bars compared to smaller gold bars, however, is the cost savings the investor earns per troy ounce of gold. Larger gold bars trade close to the current spot gold price, meaning they carry a very small premium.

Buy 10 Ounce Gold Bars Online

10 ounce gold bars are usually no-frills gold bullion bars that are manufactured for serious investors. Online stores like CBMint are the best places to buy gold online, as we operate very lean compared to physical bullion stores, allowing us to sell gold bullion to our customers at much lower prices. The cost savings can be truly substantial, allowing investors to reinvest the cost savings into buying gold bullion online in ever-larger quantities. Feel free to examine our collection of 10 ounce gold bars, or to Contact Us with any further questions you may have about buying 10 ounce gold bars online from CBMint. Additionally, we always welcome your phone call -- CBMint can be reached toll-free at 1-866-300-0504.

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