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In many cultures around the world it is common to buy gold as gifts. Weddings, graduations, anniversaries, birthdays, holidays are all popular events for which people are buying gold as gifts. Because gold is so easy to work and form into shapes, there is a huge array of possibilities when giving gifts of gold. The ease with which gold can be used to plate existing objects allows everyday items to be plated in gold. Gold-plated cellphones, playing cards, keys, computer parts, and utensils are but some of the many items often plated with gold and given as gold gifts.

Buy Gold Coins as Gifts

Buying Gold Guineas for Use as Gifts

Buying gold coins for a gift is probably the most common way to give a gold gift. Gold coins are common, universally considered to have value, fungible, and recognized around the world as a store of wealth. In the past, circulation gold coins were given as gifts. Because, at that time, a gold coin had substantial value and was beyond the means of many families, a gift of a gold coin indicated the importance of the event being commemorated.

The practice of buying gold coins as gifts has endured throughout the decades, and is still an important part of many cultures. For example, in India, formerly part of the British Empire, Gold Guineas were a type of gold circulation coin decades ago. At that time, to buy gold Guineas as gifts was common in India. Today, actual gold Guineas are valuable as collector's pieces, yet the name endures, so people in parts of India still refer to "buying gold Guineas for gifts."

In Europe, China, Russia, and North America, buying gold coins as gifts is equally as common. Because former gold circulation coins (such as pre-1933 US Gold coinage) has significant numismatic value on top of the gold value, gold bullion coins are more frequently given as gifts, especially for graduations and birthdays. Common examples of gold coins given as gifts are American Gold Eagles, Chinese Gold Pandas, South African Gold Krugerrands, Canadian Gold Maple Leafs, and various European gold coins. Among historic gold coins in the United States, gift givers would often buy Gold Quarter Eagles or $1 Liberty Gold Coins to give as holiday gifts, and both examples were commonly used in jewelry.

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Buy Gold Bars as Gifts

Buy Gold Bars as GiftsThough not as common as buying gold coins for gifts, people still are buying gold bars as gifts, especially gold art bars. Popular choices among people buying gold art bars are the PAMP Lady Fortuna gold bars and the Perth Mint series of gold bars, both of which often have beautiful artwork.

One advantage to buying gold bars as gifts, as opposed to purchasing gold coins is the price difference -- gold bars have no numismatic value, so they almost always have smaller price markups. Even gold art bars with fancy designs cost less, per troy ounce, than official gold bullion coins. Another benefit to giving gold bars as gifts is the wide range of available sizes. Several sizes of fractional gold bars exist, such as one gram gold bars and 1/10 ounce gold bars. These smaller (and inexpensive) sizes make it feasible for buyers of any budget to buy gold bars as gifts.

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Buy Gold Jewelry as a Gift

Buying gold jewelry is, of course, extremely popular and a very common gift idea. Gold rings, necklaces, bracelets, pendants, and earrings are all common examples of gold jewelry that is purchased as a gift. The pantheon of gold jewelry designs is too large to discuss in detail, and the aesthetic quality of the piece in question has as much to do with the desirability as does the gold content.

Please note that most gold jewelry is not pure gold, as the gold is alloyed with a base metal (such as copper) to increase hardness and durability. Unlike gold bullion, which uses millesmial fineness to measure gold purity, gold jewelry is measured with gold karats. On the gold karat system, 24-karat gold is the purest gold you can obtain. Much gold jewelry is 22 karat, 20 karat, and 16 karat gold. If gold purity is important when buying gold jewelry as gifts, be sure to buy 24 karat gold pieces.

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Buy Gold Coins as Gifts

Unlike bullion investors, who routinely buy gold online and are acutely aware of fluctuations in gold prices, buyers looking to buy gold for gifts are often perplexed at where to begin. Even if you rarely buy gold, be sure to educate yourself about the how the spot price of gold is determined, as all gold products are priced according to what the current gold spot price is.

Pure gold bullion is clearly priced according to the gold market price, but any product that is made out of gold is priced, at least in part, according to gold market prices. Even when buying gold jewelry online you never want to end up paying much higher per troy ounce than the current spot gold price. Do your research and shop around -- it will likely save you money in the end when purchasing gold for gifts. If you have questions about buying gold gifts, pease feel free to Contact Us or call CBMint toll-free at 972 -943-4251.

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