Credit Suisse 1 Ounce Gold Bar


1 Troy Ounce of Gold — 99.99% Purity | Sealed in Protective Assay Card – Uncirculated Condition | World-Famous Swiss Bullion

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The Credit Suisse 1 Ounce Gold Bar is universally-recognized as a benchmark for quality gold bullion. Individually-assayed by a Swiss Federal Inspector, each Suisse 1 oz gold bar is encased in a protective assay card, guaranteeing both product quality and authenticity. Additionally, when you buy 1 ounce Suisse gold bars online from CBMint, we source them direct from the manufacturer, so you are ensured that you receive the product in mint, uncirculated condition.

Details of Credit Suisse 1 Ounce Gold Bars

Though Suisse also produces beautiful art bars in gold, these standard Credit Suisse bars feature little adornment, as they are intended solely for investors who buy gold bullion and not for collectors or hobbyists. The front of each gold bar has the mint name, 99.99% gold fineness, and a unique serial number stamped into the bar. The back side of each 1 oz gold bar is also simple, usually featuring the mint name repeated in a waffle-pattern.

Investing in 1 Ounce Gold Bars

Suisse 1 Ounce Gold Bars are a common bullion product for investors who buy fine gold bullion online. The 99.99% purity is nearly impossible to improve upon, and LMBA-approval and IRA-eligibility make these bars great for United States buyers who invest in gold bullion. Compared to 1 oz gold coins, these bars are cheaper per troy ounce of gold, so investors can buy more gold for their money by purchasing these gold bars online. With gold prices expected to keep rising, buying gold bars online is one of the best options for investors hoping to increase the value of their bullion portfolios.

Purchasing Gold Bars Online from CBMint — Shipping and Insurance

We want to ensure that CBMint is the best place to buy gold bullion online. To meet that end, we offer free shipping to most US customers, along with free shipping insurance. After you buy Suisse gold bars online from CBMint, we strive to get you your product as safely, discreetly, and quickly as possible. In addition to the aforementioned assay card, we place each Suisse 1 Ounce Gold Bar in protective packaging, to prevent dings, mars, and damage to the assay card.

Help with Buying 1 Ounce Gold Bars Online from CBMint

Especially for beginning investors, buying 1 troy ounce of fine gold bullion can be a fairly large purchase, so we strive to assist you in any way possible. Questions you have about purchasing gold bullion online may be answered via our online Product Information Page, our FAQ, or on our online Glossary.

If you would like additional help with buying gold online from CBmint, do not hesitate to use our Contact Us page, or our Live Chat feature, where you can talk live to a CBMint representative. We also encourage customer phone calls — please feel free to reach CBMint toll-free at 214-597-1571.

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