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Canadian Silver Maple Leaf Mint Tube - Current Year

Sealed Mint Tube Contains 25 Canadian Silver Maple Leaf Coins | 25 Troy Ounces of Silver in Total - 99.99% Pure | Direct from Royal Canadian Mint

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Buying mint tubes of Canadian Silver Maple Leafs online from CBMint brings you 25 brilliant uncirculated 2016 Silver Maple Leafs, sealed in their protective mint tube and obtained straight from the Royal Canadian Mint. This direct sourcing ensures the uncirculated nature of these 2014 Silver Maple Leafs, as well as full product authenticity. The 2014 version is the newest installment of the beautiful 1 Ounce Canadian Silver Maple Leaf, the official silver bullion coin of Canada, and one of the longest-running silver bullion coins on the market.

Details of Canadian Silver Maple Leaf Mint Tubes

CBMint sources Mint Tubes of Silver Maple Leafs direct from the Royal Canadian Mint and its official distributor network. Each sealed Mint Tube contains 25 brilliant uncirculated Silver Maple Leafs, each containing exactly 1 troy ounce of silver that is 99.99% pure. The Silver Maple Leaf is produced only from silver physically mined in Canada and each coin is also legal tender within Canada, carrying a nominal face value of 5 Canadian dollars. Mint Tubes of Silver Maple Leafs originate in sealed Canadian Silver Maple Leaf Monster Boxes, each of which contains 20 sealed mint tubes for a total of 500 silver coins.

Though the overall design of each Silver Maple Leaf remains the same, 2014 saw many important innovations incorporated into the structure of each coin. Starting in 2014, the Royal Canadian Mint introduced several security features on each coin, in a successful effort to thwart counterfeiting. A small maple leaf privy mark is stamped into the reverse of each coin, where the iconic maple leaf design, the weight, and silver fineness also are shown. The obverse of each Silver Maple Leaf still depicts an image of Queen Elizabeth II, however, both sides of the Silver Maple Leaf are stamped with thin radial lines that emanate from the center. These lines are a security measure - extremely difficult for any but the most sophisticated mint to reproduce.

Investing in Silver Maple Leaf Mint Tubes

These strong security measures, coupled with the extremely high "four-nines" silver fineness, make Canadian Silver Maple Leafs a very popular choice among investors who buy silver bullion coins online. Usually less expensive than their American cousins, the American Silver Eagles, the Canadian Silver Maple Leaf is a beautiful, iconic silver coin that is famous throughout the world. In addition to the value of silver contained in each coin, the coins themselves make great gifts as each coin has numismatic value and is extremely collectible.

Many investors feel the current silver spot price is low, causing silver to be highly undervalued and making today a great time to buy silver coins online in bulk. Buying silver coins online is always less expensive than buying silver bullion in a physical store, as online stores are able to pass on cost savings that brick and mortar stores would find prohibitive. CBMint also offers volume discounts to investors who buy silver bullion online. Added together, both of these cost-saving measures mean that buying Mint Tubes of Silver Maple Leafs online is an easy way to inexpensively purchase silver bullion.

Buying Silver Maple Leaf Mint Tubes Online from CBMint -- Shipping and Insurance

After you buy Canadian Silver Maple Leaf Mint Tubes online from CBMint, we immediate prepare your order for direct shipment. Mint Tubes of Silver Maple Leafs are already sealed by the Royal Canadian Mint, in order to preserve the uncirculated nature of each coin. We then place the complete bullion order in protective packaging and discretely ship it direct to your door. On account of the high value of silver bullion bulk orders, your bullion purchases on CBMint are fully insured while in transit to you.

Help with Buying Silver Maple Leaf Mint Tubes Online

The current spot silver price is very affordable, making now the perfect time to buy 2016 Silver Maple Leafs online. At CBMint, we strive to be the best place to buy silver bullion coins online. To meet that end, we have several online customer resources, such as our online FAQ, Product Information Page, Glossary, or on our Investors Guide. Additional assistance may be found through our Contact Us page, by using our Live Chat feature, or by calling CBmint toll-free number at 1-866-300-0504.

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More Information
Weight 25 Ounces
Diameter 38 mm (each)
Mint Royal Canadian Mint
Fineness .9999
Thickness 3.15 mm (each)
Year 2016
Edge Reeded