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Largest Rhodium Bar Currently Available | 5 Troy Ounces of Rhodium - 99.9% Pure | Sealed in Protective Baird Mint Assay Card

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The Baird Mint 5 Ounce Rhodium bar is currently the largest rhodium bullion bar available on the market. Struck from 99.9% pure rhodium, these 5 oz rhodium bars are manufactured by Baird and Company, a London-based refiner of rare and precious metals. Baird is one of the extremely small number of mints in the world that makes rhodium products, and the quality and purity of Baird rhodium bars is unbeatable. The Baird 5 Ounce Rhodium Bar is the largest rhodium investment vehicle available for those who buy rhodium bullion online.

Details of Baird 5 Ounce Rhodium Bars

Rhodium, a platinum-group metal, shares many characteristics with both palladium and platinum. Rhodium is, however, more rare and there are few sources of supply in the world, making rhodium bullion a potential windfall investment. Indeed, the price of rhodium has historically been very volatile, with recent years seeing some huge upswings in the price of rhodium. Baird and Company rhodium bars are minted from .999 pure rhodium and are sealed in hard and protective assay cards, ensuring both the quality and authenticity of each product.

Investing in Rhodium 5 oz Bars

Many bullion investors are buying rhodium online in large amounts, hoping to take advantage of the next big rhodium price surge. Buying 5 ounce rhodium bars online is the least expensive way to purchase large amounts of rhodium. Only recently have rhodium bullion products become available for investors that wish to buy rhodium online. Previously, rhodium was very hard to obtain in bullion form. When you buy 5 oz rhodium bars online you position yourself to take full advantage of the next great surge in rhodium prices.

Buying 5 Oz Rhodium Bars Online from CBMint -- Shipping and Insurance

After you buy 5 ounce rhodium bars online from CBMint, we immediately ready your order for direct shipment to your doorstep. Each Baird Mint rhodium bar is already sealed in a protective Baird and Company assay card. We then place your entire order in protective packaging and discretely ship it to your address. Given the high value of rhodium, your entire CBMint bullion order is fully insured while it is in transit to you.

Help with Buying Rhodium Bullion Online

Rhodium is a new and exciting player on the bullion scene, and buying 5 oz rhodium bars online is a great way to achieve a strong rhodium position. At CBMint, we look forward to helping you every step of the process, all the way through the checkout procedure. We maintain several online resources to assist you, such as our Glossary, a FAQ, an Investing Guide, and a Product Information Page. If you would like more direct help with buying rhodium bars online, feel free to use our Contact Us page, or contact a live CBMint representative through our Live Chat feature or via our toll-free telephone number at 972 -943-4251.

More Information
Weight 5 Ounces
Mint Baird and Company
Fineness .999
Thickness n/a
Length 79.2 mm
Width 40.2 mm