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Who is the Atlantis Mint?

The Atlantis Mint is a family-owned private mint based in the United States. They specialize in silver bullion products, and are one of the few mints to still manufacture a wide range of poured silver bars and other silver collectibles. Though they focus on silver bullion, the Atlantis Mint produces a range of bullion products in more than a dozen metals, and is one of the only refiners that manufactures base metal bullion. CBMint, being one of the best bullion dealers online, carries a wide range of Atlantis Mint specialty products at extremely low prices.

History and Current Operations of the The Atlantis Mint

The Atlantis Mint fills a niche ignored by many large precious metals refiners, as they manufacture a large range of specialty bullion products, especially in silver. They produce many fractional silver bars, including their famous Zodiac Collection Silver Bar Series. The Atlantis Mint also produces base metal bullion in several hard-to-find bullion metals, such as tin, aluminum, zinc, nickel, iron, titanium, brass, bronze, German silver, and molybdenum. With commodity prices showing a long-term rise, many investors have begun buying bullion in non-standard metals, such as these. Many of these bullion bars are produced using the beautiful Atlantis Mint Buffalo design, with the bullion bars being modeled after United States currency.

How Do I Buy Bullion Bars and Rounds Made by The Atlantis Mint?

Atlantis Mint bullion is made in the United States, and Atlantis Mint silver is not difficult to locate at local bullion stores, however, much of their bullion is rare and has to be obtained via special vendor orders. CBMint is the best place to buy Atlantis Mint bullion bars online -- we obtain the products directly from the refiner, ensuring authenticity and low prices on all Atlantis Mint non-precious and precious metals bullion.

Buying Atlantis Mint Bullion Online

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