90% Silver Coins - $1000 Face Value

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Weight: ~715 Ounces
Diameter: Varied
Mint: United States Mint
Fineness: .90
Thickness: Varied
Year: Pre-1965
Edge: Reeded

90% Silver Orders Are Currently Back-Ordered

$1,000 face value bags of 90% silver coins are excellent options for volume investors who buy silver online. Each large bag contains pre-1965 silver coins produced in the United States and carrying a total face value of $1,000. Pre-1965 US silver coinage is seldom found in circulation today, instead, these silver coins make great investment options for people who buy silver bullion online. An FV $1,000 bag contains approximately 715 troy ounces of silver. These bags of silver coins are sourced only from large and reputable distributors, ensuring full silver content and authenticity.

Details of $1000 Face Value Bags of 90% Silver Pre-1965 US Coinage

Every one of these sacks of silver coins contains coins with a face value of exactly $1,000. As they were all minted from a 90% silver and 10% copper alloys, this works out to be roughly 715 troy ounces of silver per bag. The coins themselves are in circulated condition and can be quite worn, depriving them of much collectible or numismatic value, but making them more attractive options for investors who want to buy cheap silver bullion online. Because of the large number of coins present in each bag, CBMint cannot honor requests for specific mint years or denominations of coins. All of the coins in each $1,000 face value bag are chosen at random.

Investing in Silver Coins - $1000 Face Value Bags

Mixed silver coinage like this is widely known as junk silver. Despite the negative-sounding name, junk silver is truly prized by investors who buy silver bullion online in bulk, because junk silver has little value other than the actual melt value of silver contained in each coin. This fact keeps the price of junk silver close to the actual current silver spot price, meaning investors save much money on each troy ounce of silver they purchase. Buying silver online saves even more money, as online stores do not have the overhead that physical stores do. It is nearly impossible to buy silver bullion in large amounts, such as 715 troy ounces, less expensively anywhere else.

Buying Junk Silver Online from CBMint -- Shipping and Insurance

After buying junk silver online from CBMint, your order is immediately readied for shipment. The lots of 90% silver coins are put in bags, each containing exactly $100 US dollars in face value. Your entire order is then placed in protective packaging and discretely shipped direct to your door. Additionally, all bullion orders on CBMint are fully insured while they are in transit.

Help with Buying 90% Junk Silver Online

Buying junk silver online in large volumes is cherished by investors as being one of the cheapest methods to buy silver online. If you have any further questions about these $1,000 face value silver coin bags, or any other products, we have many online resources to help you, such as an online FAQ, a Glossary, an Investing Guide, and a Product Information Page. Additionally, please feel free to use our Contact Us page, Live Chat feature, or call CBMint toll-free at 1-866-300-0504.