40% Silver Coins - $1 Face Value

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Weight: ~.296 Ounces
Diameter: 30.6 mm
Mint: United States Mint
Fineness: .40
Thickness: 2.15 mm
Year: Varied
Edge: Reeded

This lot is comprised of 40% silver United States coins with a $1 face value. The coins were formerly circulating silver coinage, however, the silver melt value of each coin exceeds its face value, so today the coins are primarily vehicles for silver bullion investment. We obtain each group of 40% silver coins straight from the distributor, ensuring full authenticity and quality.

Details of $1 Face Value Bag of 40% Silver US Coinage

Each of these lots contains 40% silver coins possessing a face value of exactly $1, amounting to roughly .296 troy ounces of silver in each coin. The coins themselves are selected at random from our large inventory, which, unfortunately, prevents CBMint from honoring any requests for specific coins. John F. Kennedy half-dollars were the only US coins with an overall silver content of 40%. Indeed, these JFK half-dollars are the last US silver coins intended for circulation.

Investing in Silver Coins - $1 Face Value Bags

Also referred to as junk silver, 40% silver coins are used as an inexpensive method to invest in silver. Unlike silver coins, which usually have some numismatic, cost-adding properties, junk silver coins trade very close to the current silver spot price, allowing silver investors to obtain large amounts of 40% silver coins very inexpensively. Though technically still legal tender, these 40% silver coins often show large amounts of wear, meaning they have little collectibility and little numismatic value. However, because of this, they are a cheap silver bullion option for investors who are looking to maximize the troy ounces of silver they can obtain.

Buying Junk Silver Online from CBMint -- Shipping and Insurance

After buying 40% junk silver coins online from CBMint, we immediately prepare your order for shipping. All; mixed 40% silver coins are placed in plastic bags, each of which has exactly $1 US dollar in face value. The entire order is then put in protective packaging and discretely shipped, direct to your doorstep. All CBMint bullion orders are also fully insured while in transit to you.

Help with Buying 40% Junk Silver Coins Online

Buying junk silver coins is a very cheap way to buy silver bullion online. If you encounter any problems with buying 40% silver coin bags online, we host several resources to help you, such as an online FAQ, a Glossary, an Investing Guide, and a Product Information Page. Further support can also be found through our Contact Us page, our Live Chat feature, or by calling CBMint toll-free at 1-866-300-0504.