1 Ounce Brass Bullion Bar - $100 Bill

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Product Details

Product Specifications

Design: $100 Bill Design
Weight: 1
Mint: Atlantis Mint
Metal: Brass
Fineness: .999
Length: 50 mm
Width: 28 mm

This 1 Ounce Brass Bar by the Atlantis Mint is designed after the United States $100 bill, and contains 1 ounce of highly pure .999 fine brass bullion. The Atlantis Mint is one of the few refiners that manufactures base metal bullion products, including brass. Bronze is an alloy of copper and zinc, and its beautiful yellow color has seen it used as a decorative metal for centuries. With metals prices on the rise in general, investors have started to buy brass bullion, as well as other base metals, hoping to profit by the upcoming rise in commodity prices.

Details of the 1 Ounce Brass Bar - $100 Bill Motif

This 1 oz brass bar is modeled after the US $100 bill, with the front of the bar mimicking the details of the bill, including the overall layout, the portrait of Benjamin Franklin, the denomination, and the signatures. Also displayed are the .999 brass fineness and the 1 troy ounce weight of the brass bullion.

Investing in Brass Bullion

Being an alloy of copper and zinc, the price of brass bullion is subject to the commodity forces that govern the prices of those two metals, especially copper. Copper prices have been on the rise, affecting brass prices. Though most buyers purchase these brass 1 ounce bars as gifts, to collect them, or for their novelty, many investors have started buying brass bullion online to try to turn a profit by investing in brass today, when the prices are low.

Buying Brass Bullion Online from CBMint -- Shipping and Insurance

Part of the quest of CBMint to be the best online bullion dealer is offering unique products, such as brass bullion bars. When you buy brass bars online from CBMint, we immediately prepare your order for shipment. Each bar is placed in protective packaging, and then we ship your entire order, quickly and discretely, direct to your doorstep.

Help with Buying Brass Bullion Bars Online

CBMint is the best place to buy brass bullion online, and a large part of that is our suite of online customer resources. We feature an Investors Guide, a FAQ, a Glossary, and a Product Information Page, any of which may be able to assist you. Additional help when buying brass online can be found on our Contact Us page, through our Live Chat feature, or by calling the CBMint toll-free number at 1-866-300-0504, where you can speak to a live representative.