1/2 Ounce Silver Buffalo Round

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Weight: 1/2 Ounce
Mint: Various
Fineness: .999
Year: Varied
Edge: Reeded

The 1/2 Ounce Silver Buffalo Round is another silver round that pays homage to the American Buffalo Nickel, minted from 1913 until 1938. Unlike Buffalo Nickels, these 1/2 oz Silver Rounds are not circulation coins -- they are silver bullion rounds manufactured for collectors, as well as investors who buy silver rounds online. Each of these beautiful Buffalo Silver rounds is struck from .999 silver. CBMint sources these silver rounds direct from the distributor, ensuring full authenticity of the product.

Details of 1/2 Ounce Silver Buffalo Rounds

Honoring James Earle Fraser's US Buffalo Nickel design, the obverse displays an American Indian in profile. The reverse shows a detailed image of an American Bison, along with the silver fineness and the weight of the round. Manufactured as silver bullion rounds, the beautiful design gives these pieces some numismatic value as well, and both collectors and gift-buyers also buy silver buffalo rounds. Because the 1/2 oz silver buffalo round is smaller than the 1 ounce buffaloes, it is often used in jewelry such as pendants and necklaces.

Investing in 1/2 Ounce Silver Buffalo Rounds

Despite being somewhat collectible, silver rounds are purchased in the largest number by silver bullion investors. Fractional sizes of silver round, such as these 1/2 oz silver rounds, are great items for investors who wish to diversify their silver bullion portfolio with some smaller and more tradeable pieces. Additionally, smaller rounds such as these are an inexpensive option for beginning investors who are just starting out with buying silver bullion online. Silver rounds, like silver bars, tend to trade close to the current silver spot price, making them a very cost-effective option for investors.

Buying 1/2 Ounce Silver Buffalo Rounds Online from CBmint -- Shipping and Insurance

After you buy Silver Buffalo Rounds online from CBMint, your order is promptly readied for shipment. Each 1/2 oz Silver Round is placed in plastic to maintain the uncirculated condition, and then your full order is put in protective packaging. We ship discretely and directly to your doorstep, and all bullion orders on CBMint are fully insured during transit.

Help with Buying Silver Buffalo Rounds Online

Regardless of what the current spot silver price may be, 1/2 troy ounce of silver is an inexpensive purchase, making these round an attractive option for investors who buy silver rounds online in bulk. For any questions you may have CBMint has many online resources to help, such as our FAQ, an Investing Guide, a Glossary, and a detailed Product Information Page. Further help may be found on our Contact Us page, our Live Chat feature, or by calling CBMint toll-free at 1-866-300-0504.